• Fantasy Candy
    Fantasy Candy
  • The  pepper grinder that wanted a girlfriend
    The pepper grinder that wanted a girlfriend
  • A cauliflower in parachute
    A cauliflower in parachute
  • Story Fluff
    Story Fluff
  • The rock song
    The rock song
  • The boy who would not
    The boy who would not
  • Tidy up
    Tidy up

The Goodie Bag

Collections of 12 original short, sweet, fantastic, fun and mind blowing stories written by Martin Nygaard for children 4-12 years, that are also highly entertaining for the one reading aloud. Most stories range between 4 and 10 minutes reading time. Total sales of the Goodiebag series in Norway (6 books and one CD since 1995) is 22.000 copies.

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The Goodie Bag (Fantasy candy), 2015. Martin Nygaard. Children 4 - 12.

In this book you meet a pepper grinder longing for a girlfriend, a wolf that want to taste sweet children, a shower with a beam way too strong, a cauliflower in parachute, a love-struck ear, and the canvas that did not want to be painted. You will also meet the birthday thief, Sarah and Morten when they trick the animals and pea that wanted to be included in the gratin. Moreover, you can read about Puff the dog and the valiant knight Ferdinand, about how the mouse got its name, and the girl that Santa Claus did not know.

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The Goodie Bag (Fairytale floss), 2007. Martin Nygaard. Children 4 - 12.

Featuring: Spit clot Claude, The candy war, Love-struck wigs, The coltsfoot that taught the King how to grieve, Michael’s nocturnal wings, The rock song, Annie’s dream quilt, The boy who wouldn’t tidy up, The greedy splinter, The magic painting, The jealous christmas decorations, The carpet weaver.

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The Goodie Bag - Sweet reading!