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    Victoria Dahr Publisher

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  • The Goodie Bag

    Collections of 12 original short, sweet, fantastic, fun and mind blowing stories written by Martin Nygaard for children 4-12 years, that are also highly entertaining for the one reading aloud. Most stories range between 4 and 10 minutes reading time. Total sales of the Goodiebag series in Norway (6 books and one CD since 1995) is 22.000 copies.

  • Auto trilogy and graphic novel

    Laurence Moth is new in town, and tries to act cooler than everyone else. At the same time he is knocked off balance by a flood of hormones. His struggle to be accepted in a far tougher neighborhood, and his helpless efforts to sort out all his new feelings and desires, leads to one catastrophe after another. Laurence soon discovers that once an adolescent there is no way back to childhood.

  • Maze Adventures

    The maze adventures by Jesús Gabán and Martin Nygaard provide for hours of entertainment and concentration. The mazes themselves are fun to explore from early age, challenging for the developing mind. Children truly love these books, way up in their teens! All mazes are shown solved at the back of the books.